Valentines anniversary

Loving is a work life balance that is working out well. Through all this forgotten thing about romance as in fact the most important thing,  it’s nice to imagine it revolves around a successful soon to be revealed new interest. To just get on with it and have an informal anniversary could be the answer to going out and pretending it’s the first time. Here they party on

Valentines Day.JPG

like troopers still loving to dance and make new desires for each other fit into place. A wee nod to the clock. It is not necessarily so simple fortunately with love is grace and the bigger picture feels more real.

A4 Painting. I am sharing to continue my Brightcalmillustrations site and fill it with more themed pictures. Aim to please.


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Mannequin outfit

Striking colours, to make a bold statement where a light dress is quite heavy on the eye. Where relaxation just won’t settle down, natural meets functional action clothing. What do you think? Correct description.

valentine MODELS

I mend clothes but have got a bit behind on it due to alot of priorities making me feel it’s high time to get out and buy new or charity shop new. It must have been time costly and part of the excessive self sufficiency lifestyle. Heck it makes you impossible to hang with so I have invented a model to chill out with and focus on one of my many areas for catch-up. An active attractive one.

I think this suits the different adaptations of colour schemes including the charcoal/ off black tones. As the actual model is boy scrawny. Really my mind must be distracted on the woman, but I believe it is a good clothing design. I like to see men dressed well too, not fond of samey clothes that are intentionally square. She is best unashamed as a strong spirit for me like he once was in a similar dress believe it or not, so it is with wearing the trousers or dress.

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AI mediation

Well I have been yahooed I think.

I noted the ads for Dengue fever drug trial testers, yet apparently it is incurable so a very worrying test really.

Then I saw Yahoo note that AI yahoo had determined peoples day of death to something like 90% accuracy, so are they looking at people overall by data or arranging special demises to test manipulation of prejudice, poisoning or simply wearing someone down in social laboratory conditions . Well, joking aside that human beings would object to this if it was real or is very general statistics, here is the third article/ad.

Apparently scientists have not worked out precisely how much proceseed food like bacon or how much alcohol will cause a person to die of cancer.

Seen together by my own recent experiences I would say I have people who don’t mind if I have cancer nor how I might contract it, call it Dengue fever voluntary test if you like, (either can kill you) but since I’ve gone back to being close to vegan and found here a route to stop my latest acquired disease from god knows where, the previous body state being able to demonstrate the speed of cancer spread from occasional alcohol or bacon over my sugar and negligent but honest staples is gone, cannot be analysed.

How many were in this test and who arranged to key fitting moments to transfer illness. Well positioned are data processing and prejudice aware and cogniscient internet giants, they literally could be our new gods.

Anyhow who has business working out the precise amount of bacon or alcohol to kill, what on earth kind of AI would do up to date life expectancy correlation stats. Who? Hackers from shady superinfluencial organs I would bet and they don’t hack nothing, it has to be there on the ground to have real social models to fit to. Hackers are otherwise not really very strong influences, they need back up or trends to support their activity.

So are we at risk of blueprinting assassination for the lifestyle choices from those who don’t like us and are well conected. Yes, I think so. This is trolling with teeth, using the bark to find your activists you want to arrange and cover up giving a bite.

The agent provocateur, the black op. Better the gaia but be aware the internet throws markers down all over, many of them for sale.


Fiction Art

Dance of the Cygnets


The girls here choreograph as though with spontaneity.  I think they have individuality so thought it was a success. After hearing the radio play the Tchaikovsky Opera I realised the dance belonged to it and saw how it was a catchy freefrom tune from ending with jumps at each eigth beat of 2/2 so pretty frequent . We all assume ballerinas can pirouette and jump in the splits. They don’t need a partner in their way with such alot of athletic moving and once they feel the music can literally chat as much as their enthusiasm wants. They could easily be more equal and less formal than expected when the prima ballerina traditionally has a love affair with cheerleaders. Older guys without children  may understand. We see girls and don’t raise them so probably like to see the wild side.


The DuelThe duel

The weather is good, the venue is steep, a magnificent opportunity for all takers to enter this speed climbing contest. There’s not alot in it between these three here. Caught on camera and since they were knackered and really climbing slower than I would they are also caught on canvas. (2012)

I was quite ill this winter but maybe it was planned. Alot of pain forced a wee break to paint and be shy at home.


The path outside

The path outside

Rolling hills and human settlement yet not without priority to the shape of the landscape. A lucky place to meet a friend and take a breather. There may be houses but it is a long way to get home.  (2017)

Could houses spring up like this in such a landscape I don’t know. It seems impractical, but it is about what we learn to appreciate as kids that helps set up our work ability to split tasks without being up against it all. Perhaps several generations wanted to live here and got on with it.


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A few portraits. I’d like to do more. It takes time but just a little of that getting to meet someone. Portraits I guess are an interest in other people that is over time a character portfolio explained in expression and grace or observation. Not easy but nothing to get upset about.


Sharon, Edinburgh dude


Mai, Edinburgh lass.

Mags room

Mags flat, clearly now.


Mags in felt jacket.


Julia, sister, Edinburgh


Jade, musician friend , Edinburgh


Ian in denim jacket


Gavin, flatmate, Edinburgh


Evon, winsome lass, Edinburgh


Emma, colleague, Edinburgh


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Lake Garda pencil with watercolour background

Lake Garda

Lake Garda from the East(imagined)


This drawing is a large pencil affair which makes up for some of my favourites being lost. A big pencil drawing is always an exciting event as it is probably the first medium to be used again and again by all us doodlers and child schooldesk artists. Because shading is so easy, just one colour, though a challenge for certain things can be done with great effect for lines or curves, sides and edges. Distinguishing leaves or water and waves if taken without thought and still too much detail I think is hard.

However I like drawing waves so had to give this a go as the main element. No going back though without starting again, as a rubber is over-rated when the lines are sharp and you want to avoid smudges to keep white paper clearly visible.

The Lake is drawn from a town I remember stopping at on the East when cycling home from 2 grand weeks climbing. I as mainly with a couple of good folks Uwe and Steffi (hi). The Eastern shore is dramatically different to the West which is like Atlantis at night, dripping with sumptuous foliage, with houses running straight away almost away into the steep hillside from the waterside. Here there is room for a lakeside walk and municipal areas and crisscross streets. Instead of one main road and secluded settlements off it there is room to find for yourself again.

There are waves as this is a large lake, several miles across and 20 to 30 south to north. (That’s British for 32 to 48 kilometers south to north. Don’t we just have it figured out!) It really can seem like the sea with a swell when you walk up to tje water’s edge. It is fabulous for windsurf schools and is a focused outdoor sport promoting area, good campsites and bars and services with guiding and sports equipment hire. I also woke to donkeys braying each morning.So, worth sitting on that promontory and noting how to draw it later needing at least one picture. Limestone across Italy really made me dizzy with awe.

Mostly I climbed there in a semi- stupor from long term tiredness and didn’t realise I had to stop. I had just missed the Arco rockmaster and the wall was still there. A real pity as I thought I was heading over for the start. Uwe pointed out the winner one day though as she rehearsed some kind of horizontal arms off the rock, slow motion training technique. Stunning lass who immediately acquired some kind of super powers in my mind including knocking me out of my hammock one night. So sweet.

Other large (50 by 30cm) landscapes I offer my link if you were to enjoy a look, comment or advice and ideas.

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Art 2018 passed portraits continue. Valentine.

I can be blamed for not adding a description to work but have not really worked out links and such so have been personally taken by the process rather than able to plan. I still don’t understand the menu of wordpress or why it is set to have a header from a default I cannot find but here goes.

Picture – (Tablet) Valentine. It’s that time of year as soon as you feel it approaching. No valentine, just draw one. She is worthy of approaching but it is the distance of a common room and a casual pose, briefly at ease and light spirited. I know her as interesting and interventionist, not shy nor slow to take out her diary either. It would be full but it’s nice to celibrate Valentines day just by admiring someone who witnessed your life. Actually from last year, 2018.

I did get accepted as valentine but just for the moment, so this was a rumination on the theme of the need to find another a few weeks later. I more or less have been dateless for all of 20 years until then. I hope to find art as my annual way of taking part as it is a shame to miss the opportunity if it falls through again.



Soon to be added to brightcalmillustrations art portfolio.


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Well I actually like painting a lot but struggle in the face of competition to attempt to make my own way. At a casual pace I tend to make landscapes and dream of making anime. Whenever I have been in an art group my hopes have been high and sometimes really I have met and been happy painting alongside people. That way a rapid turnover can begin and your art gets better.

So some ideas about portraits or wave blockswapping images of our same subject, yes please.  Along with reading books I find thinking because of pictures very captivating and it is personal experiences that have formed the reason I continue to draw though if you see a talent, just don’t keep quiet, I can wait another 49 years (!)

wave blockThis site I have started is an attempt to make an outroad to get started for me. It was meant to be an offline build but that did not work. Serif sent me some protect your PC stuff yesterday. How bizarre after nearly 200 hours building on their software that then didn’t launch that they are going as a different kind of concern. Well I hope to learn html but in my own pace and maybe never even. It strikes me that presentation will be available as a design concept rather than a programming one which is why I purchased their WebPlus mistaking it for a contemporary software package.

I have ongoing illustrations projects from the folk writing investigation ‘People of the Sea’ which always fascinated me since first reading it around 2000. I have had a bit of a health crash recently but require good health for such stories as they are about seals and to swim with them y0u need to be strong even for just dreams. Also my landscapes and climbing pictures are just not realistic without being able to get out there. Perhaps you cannot see them for that I don’t know, stamina and endurance?. I like to know so please stick with me if you are interested in sharing a few landscape and story board art projects, walk to paint days even or some ideas that do not or do see things from a fit point of view. I know a climber I gave several of my best pictures to who described them all completely wrongly. I have several novels to illustrate and many independent projects unless joined by a like minded soul or for a business interest.

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the meek have inherited the blame




The victim these days is the one who is a criminal. This is the product of a lazy police state. Most of us who need help are in fact the ones who are in the wrong, the ones who lose the argument with authority. It’s amazing this story is so unaddressed by a change in mentality by our leaders but they don’t need to.

Let me explain. when someone comes for you, stalks you etc they know you are a criminal and are going to deal with you. Why are you so defenceless? Well this is because aggressors use the common morality as their cloak, yes there are mad moments when almost any class or social group of person can fight or explode but the ones who consistently inflict the most pain use the law to their advantage. They are naturally part of the prejudicial group of their sex or worse skin or religion and thus can and do portray their prejudice as normal and harmless especially when it is in the process of persecuting a chosen individual. The strong authoritative man or woman are hidden as the normally correct person but a unique and special person is adrift, guilty for not belonging to a social group and thus seeming irresponsible for wishing to be themselves unless adopting traditional authority prejudices to explain their actions or thoughts.