anniversary unrepeated

Brill round trip in italy for triathlon.



Somehow the orignal scanner has shrunk and can only manage A4, but I have gone ahead since I want some background for my pictures of the swallow avatar and the waves wallpaper.


A few portraits. I'd like to do more. It takes time but just a little of that getting to meet someone. Portraits I guess are an interest in other people that is over time a character portfolio explained in expression and grace or observation. Not easy but nothing to get upset about.

Dark Lady

    This is from Dark Lady by Richard North Patterson.  I found it very well constructed from a scenario and character basis and wanted to illustrate this scene where I placed the main character, Stella Marz, in a meeting with Arthur Bright who she shares some history with at an imagined early place in … Continue reading Dark Lady

On high

When up high on a cliff it is how to get higher, to get down, exhilaration and sometimes a chance to relax and thoroughly enjoy the view, the effort, the company. This was inspired by solo walking with some climbing in Vale d'Aosta