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I am reminded this is the weekend last year I went to Cannes, campsite in the featured picture. I lost wallet etc, had bike tools confiscated, nearly lost keys and all else, told wrong info as tonight which reminded me it was the anniversary. It is so difficult these days as women cheat. They don’t care that you have it hard. 2 legs is too easy. Puke.



Well I actually like painting a lot but struggle in the face of competition to attempt to make my own way. At a casual pace I tend to make landscapes and dream of making anime. Whenever I have been in an art group my hopes have been high and sometimes really I have met and been happy painting alongside people. That way a rapid turnover can begin and your art gets better.

So some ideas about portraits or wave blockswapping images of our same subject, yes please.  Along with reading books I find thinking because of pictures very captivating and it is personal experiences that have formed the reason I continue to draw though if you see a talent, just don’t keep quiet, I can wait another 49 years (!)

wave blockThis site I have started is an attempt to make an outroad to get started for me. It was meant to be an offline build but that did not work. Serif sent me some protect your PC stuff yesterday. How bizarre after nearly 200 hours building on their software that then didn’t launch that they are going as a different kind of concern. Well I hope to learn html but in my own pace and maybe never even. It strikes me that presentation will be available as a design concept rather than a programming one which is why I purchased their WebPlus mistaking it for a contemporary software package.

I have ongoing illustrations projects from the folk writing investigation ‘People of the Sea’ which always fascinated me since first reading it around 2000. I have had a bit of a health crash recently but require good health for such stories as they are about seals and to swim with them y0u need to be strong even for just dreams. Also my landscapes and climbing pictures are just not realistic without being able to get out there. Perhaps you cannot see them for that I don’t know, stamina and endurance?. I like to know so please stick with me if you are interested in sharing a few landscape and story board art projects, walk to paint days even or some ideas that do not or do see things from a fit point of view. I know a climber I gave several of my best pictures to who described them all completely wrongly. I have several novels to illustrate and many independent projects unless joined by a like minded soul or for a business interest.

Themes-Landscapes from my site


A few portraits. I’d like to do more. It takes time but just a little of that getting to meet someone. Portraits I guess are an interest in other people that is over time a character portfolio explained in expression and grace or observation. Not easy but nothing to get upset about.

the meek have inherited the blame




The victim these days is the one who is a criminal. This is the product of a lazy police state. Most of us who need help are in fact the ones who are in the wrong, the ones who lose the argument with authority. It’s amazing this story is so unaddressed by a change in mentality by our leaders but they don’t need to.

Let me explain. when someone comes for you, stalks you etc they know you are a criminal and are going to deal with you. Why are you so defenceless? Well this is because aggressors use the common morality as their cloak, yes there are mad moments when almost any class or social group of person can fight or explode but the ones who consistently inflict the most pain use the law to their advantage. They are naturally part of the prejudicial group of their sex or worse skin or religion and thus can and do portray their prejudice as normal and harmless especially when it is in the process of persecuting a chosen individual. The strong authoritative man or woman are hidden as the normally correct person but a unique and special person is adrift, guilty for not belonging to a social group and thus seeming irresponsible for wishing to be themselves unless adopting traditional authority prejudices to explain their actions or thoughts.


Bike Trip in Italy

Well this is remote for a tired person. Cannes is not that big but it was to me as I had mistimed something, not sure what exactly, oh yes, my first day was obliterated by customs in Manchester having thrown away my tools so I had to go to Milan and back just to build the bike. Later they lost my wetsuit for me in Manchester too in between my 2 attempts to successfully have a 2nd Alp d’Huez long course race. A lot of competitivity between Triathletes in Manchester and Sheffield perhaps.




I am now in the region where there are campsites that are open though the beach like this one is still officially closed. Still I was well received maybe for going for a swim anyway. Very warm already in the water as the sun is great. Postcards sent from here with a name that sounds like my sister’s. Perfect beach and bars.
I stopped in a nearby town both directions with a fluent English speaker who was fond of Liverpool and ran a lovely campsite full of vine trellises. It was on a very historic town. Albenga, gorgeous.
Travel without a phone, they can’t find you and you will wonder what all the fuss is about! Well? Only a problem if you lose vital id as I was to do later.



This is a great Esplanade, well there will be a name for it. This was memorable for me as the place I jumped a few miles from Finale nearly 20 years ago but it felt further from France this time. I avoided Monaco again but for no sensible reason this time and rode well over 100 miles into the night fully 1500m up aswell. Still, if the event village and bike area didn’t require 2 vists each and sit 3 miles apart and the campsite be 4 miles away and food and maps and well, over 15 miles of walking the day before the race too then it would have passed. Then no bus on race morning either! I got shown the Uplace team bus in a friendly way though by a Belgian short course team member Getters (?). Didn’t look as comfortable inside as out. But made the atmosphere of the race convivial.
Ventimilglia 2016 had 100’s sleeping rough. Quite a sight. I had already lost my wallet in the first campsite inside Italy so was not so keen to hang around except privately.







wierd trees

Wierd trees

These tall chestnut leaf topped trees were roadside in Italy. Very pale trunk, almost not bark but obviously quite strong. Coastal as well as inland I found out a possible name for them but have forgotten for now. The thing about plant identification in Europe is that the same plants about real there as in Britain but that they grow differently. On this trip I found that Choisya are beautifully flowered and fragrant. On a previous one that Lilac are evergreen but without dormancy are more like shrubs.

Bike Trip in Italy

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