Bike Trip in Italy

Well this is remote for a tired person. Cannes is not that big but it was to me as I had mistimed something, not sure what exactly, oh yes, my first day was obliterated by customs in Manchester having thrown away my tools so I had to go to Milan and back just to build the bike. Later they lost my wetsuit for me in Manchester too in between my 2 attempts to successfully have a 2nd Alp d’Huez long course race. A lot of competitivity between Triathletes in Manchester and Sheffield perhaps.




I am now in the region where there are campsites that are open though the beach like this one is still officially closed. Still I was well received maybe for going for a swim anyway. Very warm already in the water as the sun is great. Postcards sent from here with a name that sounds like my sister’s. Perfect beach and bars.
I stopped in a nearby town both directions with a fluent English speaker who was fond of Liverpool and ran a lovely campsite full of vine trellises. It was on a very historic town. Albenga, gorgeous.
Travel without a phone, they can’t find you and you will wonder what all the fuss is about! Well? Only a problem if you lose vital id as I was to do later.



This is a great Esplanade, well there will be a name for it. This was memorable for me as the place I jumped a few miles from Finale nearly 20 years ago but it felt further from France this time. I avoided Monaco again but for no sensible reason this time and rode well over 100 miles into the night fully 1500m up aswell. Still, if the event village and bike area didn’t require 2 vists each and sit 3 miles apart and the campsite be 4 miles away and food and maps and well, over 15 miles of walking the day before the race too then it would have passed. Then no bus on race morning either! I got shown the Uplace team bus in a friendly way though by a Belgian short course team member Getters (?). Didn’t look as comfortable inside as out. But made the atmosphere of the race convivial.
Ventimilglia 2016 had 100’s sleeping rough. Quite a sight. I had already lost my wallet in the first campsite inside Italy so was not so keen to hang around except privately.







wierd trees

Wierd trees

These tall chestnut leaf topped trees were roadside in Italy. Very pale trunk, almost not bark but obviously quite strong. Coastal as well as inland I found out a possible name for them but have forgotten for now. The thing about plant identification in Europe is that the same plants about real there as in Britain but that they grow differently. On this trip I found that Choisya are beautifully flowered and fragrant. On a previous one that Lilac are evergreen but without dormancy are more like shrubs.

Bike Trip in Italy

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