the meek have inherited the blame




The victim these days is the one who is a criminal. This is the product of a lazy police state. Most of us who need help are in fact the ones who are in the wrong, the ones who lose the argument with authority. It’s amazing this story is so unaddressed by a change in mentality by our leaders but they don’t need to.

Let me explain. when someone comes for you, stalks you etc they know you are a criminal and are going to deal with you. Why are you so defenceless? Well this is because aggressors use the common morality as their cloak, yes there are mad moments when almost any class or social group of person can fight or explode but the ones who consistently inflict the most pain use the law to their advantage. They are naturally part of the prejudicial group of their sex or worse skin or religion and thus can and do portray their prejudice as normal and harmless especially when it is in the process of persecuting a chosen individual. The strong authoritative man or woman are hidden as the normally correct person but a unique and special person is adrift, guilty for not belonging to a social group and thus seeming irresponsible for wishing to be themselves unless adopting traditional authority prejudices to explain their actions or thoughts.



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