Well I actually like painting a lot but struggle in the face of competition to attempt to make my own way. At a casual pace I tend to make landscapes and dream of making anime. Whenever I have been in an art group my hopes have been high and sometimes really I have met and been happy painting alongside people. That way a rapid turnover can begin and your art gets better.

So some ideas about portraits or wave blockswapping images of our same subject, yes please.  Along with reading books I find thinking because of pictures very captivating and it is personal experiences that have formed the reason I continue to draw though if you see a talent, just don’t keep quiet, I can wait another 49 years (!)

wave blockThis site I have started is an attempt to make an outroad to get started for me. It was meant to be an offline build but that did not work. Serif sent me some protect your PC stuff yesterday. How bizarre after nearly 200 hours building on their software that then didn’t launch that they are going as a different kind of concern. Well I hope to learn html but in my own pace and maybe never even. It strikes me that presentation will be available as a design concept rather than a programming one which is why I purchased their WebPlus mistaking it for a contemporary software package.

I have ongoing illustrations projects from the folk writing investigation ‘People of the Sea’ which always fascinated me since first reading it around 2000. I have had a bit of a health crash recently but require good health for such stories as they are about seals and to swim with them y0u need to be strong even for just dreams. Also my landscapes and climbing pictures are just not realistic without being able to get out there. Perhaps you cannot see them for that I don’t know, stamina and endurance?. I like to know so please stick with me if you are interested in sharing a few landscape and story board art projects, walk to paint days even or some ideas that do not or do see things from a fit point of view. I know a climber I gave several of my best pictures to who described them all completely wrongly. I have several novels to illustrate and many independent projects unless joined by a like minded soul or for a business interest.

Themes-Landscapes from my site


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