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I use Watercolour but also other mediums to find the picture I wish to make and call art, as close a likeness to my ideal imaging as I personally  can make.
I am willing to try portraits as I like to draw people. Usually I will know you and it has been in pencil and fairly spontaneous as it is hard to draw over features and styles that I seem to have found, that characteristic that I feel is true to the person I am drawing. Sometimes colour but not so easy for me to feel a success. If you provide a photo, we meet and have a chat, then I will have a good enough starting impression to attempt a picture.
I like to find a tangible scene and make it dramatic, a doorway to enter and explore, take part or even just be there and learn. I may make the cliff a little too difficult to climb or just very much the place I have once been or hope to go to.
Also I will paint a  scene from life, be it from sketches  to finished product or completed in situ apart from some filling in of colour or style.

constant permeke

paradiso ridge

the reeds were styleview in buccleugh


My favorite artists use clear shapes and forms to provide the appearance of detail often far beyond what is really there. They slightly blur reality so as to hint at altered reality and the idea of a picture telling a story is a starting point from their images.



Constant Permeke- 1922  Felt tip detail copied
Paradiso Ridge – recent A4 size
Reedbed – old work from photograph in
photography book
View from Buccleugh, Edinburgh,1999
Perhaps if I watched all the films that are available today I would find much of my ideal art represented but then the story no longer a single canvas. From any great story I would still like to choose 3 or 4 stills that were the best images.
Lots of people and lots of action is my ideal finished product but the original scene, the venue or location and its’ drama the most important thing to succeed in capturing ; Style, feeling..… or it is not more artistic but still a notable scene to begin with.
The fabulous natural world is my leaning, our place next to it. We attempt to be accepted and with inspiration follow the quest rules as closely as we can. Look and it’s still there.

I have taken part in art classes and art groups and am interested in how a school develops. I consider that it is needed to devote alot of time to making work in order to copy or experiment with differing styles. As a part-timer I have only occasionally tried to consciously develop different styles. I copy to learn from well known art work. It is good of course to be drawing a work I already know is good, seeing how I can get close to representing it myself.

Does art mirror life, does life mirror art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Many works of art demonstrate a style that truly challenges our eyes and minds.

Generally I would like a playful, light style and to save  the serious stuff for later but if it happens and I am in good company then time becomes less of a burden and tasks are not only shared but change too.


Stella Marz, Arthur Bright



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