Bents Green

Farm near Bent’s Green

grenoside woods

Grenoside Conifers


LOTR. I see this as the deadly arena of Orcs. Sorry, you may have thought it was the fairy kingdom. Well we can agree to disagree and it is a a serious skirmish I feel here anyway and orcs don’t really last long do they, they just menace and lay waste. Surely all that is built here is rather ancient and dormant in this old woodland by a self recycling industrial estate on the River Don.



More Hall Resevoir. Mysterious simple watercolour sent to one person that arrived with another family member instead. Well I guess that is how a picture tells a thousand words. All the time you are making it thinking of how certain features will appeal to someone and then in the appendix you add a forward address and with only one stamp available imagine the design recipient has already been party to all your 900 thoughts. Have they?

More Hall Reservoir



This is the bedroom view in Buccleugh, Edinburgh, the smallest bedroom I have had perhaps but the sweetest flat overall and right on the central “Meadows” Pencil sketch only. From here I went to Italy and made the mistake of speaking to the wring people in the right place on my return which jeopardised moving back in. Funny. very funny.


NeepsendThis is how open the view is in the old industrial area of Sheffield. Wide open to the sky. Though the warehouses and building here are still big they are set apart and space is the biggest feeling on travelling through.



This is a great view from the tram. Get out however and you are 2 metres shorter and may wish to face the StageCoach depot instead since it is quite lively and has perspective. However if you live in the Park hill flats the view out along the Don Valley at this point will offer a long sweep  as well as the framing hills on either side of a less than dense cityscape.

Stagecoach HQ

Peak District Art


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