Hebridean shore

Pabbay Shoreline

The wild cliff based islands of the Outer Hebrides. All around there are cliffs falling into the sea. I would like to go back to this island to paint again a few scenes there that will never leave me whether I do or don’t.



St Abbs Head

St Abbs Head





Imagined St Abbs Head view. Well I went for twinkly light evanescence. As you walk down the landscape is puckered terrain in a gentle slope towards the cliffs. Very beautiful as landscape so I think absorbing to walk across and tried to bring it to life while not being there with a descending reddish sun



tweed breeze

Tweed Breeze

The River Tweed view by Hornecliffe. A mild breeze I hope I showed to be blowing. Yellow is the hardest colour to paint but it always has an effect so the thing is to learn how to put texture into it. Of course it is always there in grass. Sunshine and light well they are tones so easier.

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