Peak Art




xstanage skyline

Stanage Skyline

So many routes on this edge, so many easier ones but nearly always spectacular and with the motivation of adequate protection but only if you place it well in often large breaks which need good gear intelligence. Slopers and smears and balance required, ability to reverse moves and go for it. Several miles long, unbroken rock in places like this the popular end leading to plantation.


xfroggatt skyline

Curbar 3

I should do larger of this style I think. Some of it works fairly well. The Edge is made of attractive shapes. It is like I need to study rocks but always come up with a slightly different interpretation when the actual aim is to find  fast style really so I have not got there yet.



xfroggatt dreaming

Froggatt Footfall

Those walks up to Froggatt Edge were always so happy for me. I think as a child I used to walk like this, enjoying unfolding the path around each corner as it came. Eventually like in life you come to a destination more pleasurable than before by comparing to other favorite places.



xCurbar Trees

Curbar 2

Early spring as the bracken is down, I think there was some snow lingering as I walked here for the Curbar skyline, a bit fictitious perhaps through birches. This is what you see, nature in woodland has different shapes.




Curbar 1

A good days walking about to continue the idea of below with the birch woodland. Capturing the perspective of looking up, bracken, some dense shade in the rocks.






Curbar Autumn/Winter

Quite hard routes here. The famous Peapod in the middle of the large face I have led at least twice, both times well thought the second time no second would follow. I don’t understand how I could have such an effect on my partners that my passion was misundertood as making it too difficult.

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