Maggie in what must have been about 1995. Isn’t it amazing how she looks so like Emilia Clarke who I have been rumoured she gallantly portrays in her zone now. I like Emilia Clarke for her lovely effort in Me before You which I saw in Montmorillon cinema 2016. It was an amazing portrayal of how honest life and love, to overcome stigma and disability, how extreme story telling should leave you open at the end. There was no ending for those of us faced with the choice of watching her decision to be happy.
Game of thrones, nah, never seen it and expect dumbing down and sexing up which good people like me then carry the can for. I was loathed the moment I suggested the characters were probably overly used for male fantasies. Workmates stalked and gave foul names that reveal this show sticks plasters on gaping wounds well enough for morality today. I found myself to be considered the author only of the panties in HOTD (Brilliant film in my opinion). If you are corrupt and have children today you are excused of any mud slinging until it is too late. Heck apparantly as I didn’t know dragons come out of vaginas I am anti women. Powerful ignorant people are often wrong but what they say is always your can as they only speak from above.
Yes I can go on but I knew this girl for 10 years as my alternate life.




Evon, bonny and bright and I drew that but of course that is how the photo I had looked anyway. That is how it goes for me. I have not got far enough with portraits to make character I don’t actually find is already in the genuine lines in front of me. Some kids, youths are already great caricature artists as soon as they start but I am more one for fantasy landscape, design as the greater aim and place to find the concept of deviation rendered illustrative. We ourselves are but blowing in the wind already and don’t get much bigger by further manipulation. Of course in a fantasy a dream, a different mental state or social drama then lines are remembered outside of good light so rock on the portrait artists who have the confidence for this.





Gavin. He liked this picture and I was making many at the time of which I reckoned half were suitable representations of the sitter. I say sitter, this was a photo I took first and the majority were like that as it is better to do what you like than oblige people. I reason now I would have had more models than my humble nature knew at the time.




Ian, brother. Well what can you say about your own family. Not a lot really so I’ll discuss the picture. Doesn’t look a bit like him my father said, Ian was pretty quiet on the subject too but I figured I added a decent denim jacket too.




Jade with her straight forward look and joyful smile. I have some portraits here of people who have passed on but I have considered that they are portraits not only accepted when I sketched them but one comment in millions. We miss you Jade.





Emma. I didn’t get it right with most of my workmates but I am a character person rather than a body in the hierarchy and I enjoyed the success I felt. I think that is what makes a portrait, knowing a person. Without a sense of who they are the visual image is nothing. Since it being a workplace in fact there was an overiding hierarchy, extremely friendly I add through, knowing her less perhaps helped the glimpse.




Julia, sister. not spot on but quite close for someone who I have seen in so many different looks. Not from a photo but a sitting and I would really like more chances to make life study portraits but the vibe has to get going again. These were all 90’s


Mags room

Maggie home

Maggie and Alistair, I must be fly on the wall! Good times need good memories. Bright, sunny like the clear thinking of the hard working mind of Maggie. (On a road there anyway) A very strong host but a traveller across continents really.




Mai. She found herself talking to William Wallace. Well I wouldn’t have done that if I could but life is hard and not always what you expect or are prepared for. I hope her time was long enough for just any one person.

As a footnote, history books say Monteith’s get screwed by Wallace’s and I’ve been followed around for my whole life. There’s a whole lot of talking needs doing in this world. Well when you read history remember it is written regularly to get published.




Sharon. She so annoyed the barman once, so funny. Buying me all these tomato Worcester sauce drinks daily for several weeks. Big girl who only ever wants to be little.




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