The studies here are called that because I have either copied or based via an image like a photo in a magazine or a still clip or photo of my own. Or they are just practice like the hummingbird and waves. I don’t see harm in copying. If the artist you like doesn’t like it then it can’t be damaging their product can it because it is incomparable, if they do then more credit to the original source?

Well it’s not all about money. I credit the original source as my inspiration but have not reproduced anything except entirely without tracing assistance on the paper or tablet I am using for the originals. Sorry Elfwood, that is my definition of imagination and using fan art to sometimes copy but pretend not to is not my style. I have rendered Starship Troopers closely because not only do I like the film but this point in it. Meadowhall shopping centre near me had an art stall selling picture from films in this manner. I don’t remember people ever arguing with them. Alot of art is about the right to exhibit. It is odd today that the first post on wordpress was including the word rape, very difficult for a post but not for the person who did it. With the right backers you can do anything but to all have a right to make an impression on the world per our our own experience even though we do not have the route of the backer’s controlling dominion. For all that their comfy hard earned efforts are their own, they should not become the stamp of others.


The Look of Diz from Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers, early doors. This is before where I flicked over Sky at my mother’s house by a minute or two. The same occurred on each of the films when I watched them. That made them immensely riveting for me. For no introduction you just  got a constant bombardment of intense warfare and propoganda, an assault you were defended from only by somehow recognising in the speed of the plot the roles of the main characters.
Amazing films. Rejected by Elfwood for being a reproduction of a still. Well it is, but not a single line is traced and I meant it to be a homage to the film.
430mm by 280 mm Acrylic



Hoola Lahoola

Les Paul and virginai Webb adapted from magazine image

Inspired by the radio biography of Les Paul I found a picture of him and his wife who played together some amazing sailing hawaiian pieces and she looks better than him in this picture.
A4 Watercolour









Hummingbird Hawk Moth. Some sight when you see one of these and wonder how you suddenly were transported to South America? Here amongst the Red and Pink Campion sketched on tablet.




Jay looks up. from Sky blue korean anime.


I don’t think I can be charged with reproducing Jay here as who can reproduce Jay?
She drives some kind of two wheeler about the place we used to call Planet Earth with a heart in nature and a mind in the elite squad of some description in Sky Blue. Once I had got one decent picture larger than this smaller than A4 one I let her carry on her way.




I think I have said somewhere on here that if you copy then in public perhaps only show 2 pictures.
A4 both, acrylic, painted in a cold 2011 /12 winter. Hard to believe it is so long ago. First zombie film I ever saw and now I must have seen about five or six.

I hope these pictures can be appreciated as examples of how I find art is something I learn from. It is not intended to be an example of my work but how I want to learn styles, my need to practice and my desire to communicate a wish to be taught so I may be part of something effective and profitable. Thanks




Gillian Anderson



I like this because it is flattering. Well only Gillian Anderson could really say if it flattering and that is how it goes with portraits. Since it was from a magazine back in the day I have it as a study not a portrait anyway.
A4 pencil sketch








Seals at Play

If you have seen seals you are very lucky indeed.
I found two separate images and drew them together

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