Fiction Art


Dance of the Cygnets

I can see some very talented or just keen girls here in an adult ballet. Normally you would be post Performing Arts School I think for a job in a ballet company but the part would be of playing children so why not draw them as such.

I like it as it rejects choreography and this will be the make point for criticism. Not self conscious and slightly showing competitive showing off.















After many months of poor breakfast in bed service the girls were up in arms. Look out.
Any excuses for this will come with a long explaination which I am very good at.
Better not to explain them jim. Oh go on then. It is about the representation of women as objects of desire, they choose that for themselves and the guilty staidly presented men found this too much for this town. The image being an opportunity to show casual male dominance without the purported excess cash and power is not true. It is a relationship of nature and nurture, gifted and made.



lucky day


The Albatross. The first graphic novel I read after all the Marvel and Look and Learn stuff of childhood had an island in the sea which was the centre of the world.

Startled Squirrel

Startled Squirrel

Startled Squirrel. Felt tip as this is easy to use when you have a theme in mind so will make less mistakes than when wanting to copy or do a real landscape. Go with the flow.

Stella Marz, Arthur Bright

Stella Marz and Arthur Bright

The office of Arthur Bright. In a semi informal meeting with Stella Marz they are comfortably half removed from the urban complex outside and can imagine only the river Onongaga is passing outside. They know a lot about Steelton and have the common fraternity of the Town Hall as their code and background. She is the Dark Lady of the title of the book I think but the machine of writing is rather odd here, captivating but quite foreign to me any of what is actually being assumed.



The Ketchin lined himself between the church tower and the dream of the hills and made the the town his. Beth and Paulie knew him from the cliffs of Kinnanamor but had no awareness of him in Penchar where their stones were older than the wilderness around them.

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