Fiction Art

The Sky Was Still There. I kind of imagine this is Brazil. The forest is not what we are told however nor is this low down enough to find even half sized tributaries of the Amazon river.It certainly is remote however and not much reference remains of anywhere at all. The sky was still there to help you relax a bit if you enjoy this kind of thing however.
50cm by 40cm




Chipping and Cracking

Chipping and Cracking.
It’s a bit loose, it’s what any climber knows about slate and in a gully many other types of rock. A bit chilly perhaps or just a very still day. Each step creates a slight tension and resonates a crunch or if you are delicate a faint crack of stones moving against each other.
The rest is just making the cliff quite big, more fun, more time having more fun.
Based on my two characters who are the only climber’s active in the town of Penchar on an exciting descent homewards.
50cm by 36cm




Gran Paradiso

Paradiso Ridge. I’ve not got this one right yet. It’s probably had the most attempts of any picture I have ever tried going the full to near full distance before I realise at least one major thing is irreparable on it. The sensation up there as just a walker with a day sack was like a sudden gravity switch being dropped and all the angles around went crazy. Hard to get the drop off as well as the grand perspective .
26cm by 21cm






Ranes Hut

Dear old Rane. While most don’t leave the town Rane keeps her mountain hut going with intermittent vists and here is where Paulie and Beth head for the longest weekend ever.
Imagine a world where no-one else finds these places, ventures into and over the crags and rolling escarpments beyond roads and houses. Well imagine Brexit voters and you are pretty much drowned in it already.
50cm by 40cm
Note. It’s not so much the not going there that hurts us wilderness lover’s as not being allowed to. I remember being listened to about my tales of mountain walks and rock climbing on occasions by a pretty wild type and then being turned to and told ‘but if I had land I wouldn’t want anybody on it’ I guess Danny was riling me but that is how it is in a way. Many people have been given nothing and they will repay you with nothing.



On High

On High. This is your favorite cliff. Honest. It takes a good deal of effort to just get started on its immenseness so why not choose to spend all your time here apart from helping out a bit on ground level as you best see fit.
50cm by 36cmOn High








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